About Raleigh Brands

What I Do.

Hey there! I'm Brian, the designer, entrepreneur and the founder of Raleigh Brands. I have designed 100's of identities for brands all around the world from my home here in Raleigh and founded this company to better connect with the people and businesses in the city I love. I can guide you in every level of brand management, from the total rebranding of a large company, to one time marketing campaign or just a fresh logo design.

I handle a lot projects on my own, although, I also have a network of other accomplished design and marketing professionals providing their specific skills to projects when needed. The ability to flex up when demanded is a huge asset for Raleigh Brands because it allows no project to be too large, or too small. Having an agile network of talent also allows the cost of design to be extremely reasonable when compared to larger design firms due to the lack of overhead and potential costs of employing an office full of designers.

My Goal for Raleigh Brands is to give my local Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh design clients a more personal view of me, my work and my life. This is me and these are my designs. Take a look around and contact me me with any questions or to chat about your new design project. Here is what a few of my clients have said about my services. Let's build your brand together.

Awesome work and very fast turn-around. A joy to work with as well. Will use them in the future! :)

Austin | Anchor Development(Philadelphia, PA)

Brian did a great job. Very talented, very professional and fantastic to work with.

Beth | Hipsterd(Manchester, England)

What an amazing job! Brian went above and beyond while designing a Mac app icon for me, and I couldn't be happier.

Nathan | Lock-app(Raleigh, NC)

Excellent quality of work, and a great level of service. Love my new logo.

Ryan | Coffee&Power (San Francisco, CA)

Raleigh Brands (Brian) did a great job. Very talented, very professional and fantastic to work with.

Judy | AtMyTower (Durham, NC)

Beautiful, professional, striking. We love it!

Patrick | Over Easy (Raleigh, NC)