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Having a beautiful yet functional website for your business is more important that ever. The design speaks of the overall company image and good design allows them to navigate your site with ease. There are many things to consider when designing your new website and a few include: brand image, content, functionality, SEO and how search engines will view your website, your target market and how your site will preform on different viewing platforms.

More and more people are browsing the web on mobile devices or tablets and having a responsive site that work across all platforms that is the standard in website design.

The future of design is creating responsive websites. A responsive website is one the automatically resizes the sites content to fit on any viewing device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop). This site is responsive and if you're viewing on a mobile device notice how everything is legible and fits nicely into the screen. No need to zoom in, scroll around and then zoom out to find where you are on the page. All websites are built on the Wordpress CMS so that after the project is complete the client is able to update content and change photos without the need for a designer.

Contact me today on how to bring your website up to current standards and improve your search engine optimization.

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There are many options for Raleigh's businesses to source their graphic design and web design projects. Raleigh Brands doesn't hide behind insanely low prices or gimmicks. My only goal is to create beautiful brands while building lasting relationships.

We shop local and encourage you to to do the same.